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Monday, January 9, 2012

French company, invoxia awarded the Best of Innovations by CES 2012 for its Smart Office Phone with incredible sound quality

invoxia Press Release / Las Vegas CES 2012, 8th January 2012
With this smart and communicating phone, invoxia revolutionizes the office phone by providing the first ever device which is set to have the same impact on the landline telephone as what the iPhone has done to the mobile telephone. This Smart Office Phone replaces multiple devices at the same time, such as: the conference phone, the IP office phone and a home audio system for IOS devices in one single and complete easy to use high quality device. Thanks to its 8 speakers, its 8 microphones and it’s in Vivo Acoustic technology, it revolutionizes the sound quality of conference calls which so it is just like listening to music. Furthermore, by using the interface of IOS devices, invoxia drastically simplifies the office phone by making it more user-friendly and converging it with the mobile phone which has never been done before. By recognizing invoxia with this award, CES (Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) celebrates how invoxia is revolutionizing professional telephones and is setting a new international benchmark for office phones.

So far VOIP has been seen as a way in which to lower costs and it is possible to integrate this into both the home and the office. However, VOIP is also a possibility to drastically improve the audio quality of conversations by taking advantage of internet resources and new infinite calculation and storage capacities. By exploiting these new possibilities, invoxia completely disrupts preconceptions of the conventional office phone by combining a new high level of sound quality with a user-friendly design.

Serge Renouard, co-founder of invoxia “we are particularly proud of this prestigious award from CES which demonstrates how this evolution for business telephony is progressing. With invoxia, we wanted to put intelligence into the phone to create an ultra-intuitive device, with an efficiency and sound quality unparalleled by any other device. With this communicating and evolving object, with its dual-core ARM processor, invoxia invents the first Smart Office Phone and offers a new freedom to the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) in terms of IP telephony”.

With an ultra innovative acoustic design it offers an unparalled quality of sound when the telephone is in conference mode, when using it for private conversations (with the handset) or when listening to music. The invoxia telephone is inbuilt with 8 wide-bandwidth speakers as well as 8 digital microphones. When used in ‘conference’ mode it has the capacity to perform virtual placement of remote speakers in the room, as well as automatic local speaker localization to create the feel of a physical conversation. Users benefit from the full potential of In Vivo Acoustic technology with the inbuilt system which eliminates echoes and background noise. An additional advantage of invoxia’s revolutionary technology enables the user to listen to music or podcasts in the office and even live orchestra…

 invoxia aims to simplify the usage of office phones considerably and to use iOS devices as the main controller interface. While regular office phones come with hundreds of keys and features that no one understands, invoxia features only the essential: a control to pick up incoming calls in speaker mode and adjust the volume, and a mere two touch-sensitive "mute" and voicemail keys. With this combination, users have all the essential keys to use the invoxia phone freely. With the iPhone as an interface and free application available from Apple’s App Store, using the invoxia could hardly be more intuitive. The invoxia unifies your mobile and professional contacts in the same directory, and lets you pick up calls to your mobile directly from its high-quality handset. The phone seamlessly handles incoming calls on both the mobile and landline.

In 2012, IP office telephony is now everywhere! The IP telephony gives the possibility to obtain an unparalled quality for telephone conversation, coupled with the multiple options thanks to the potential of an intelligent device and above all, freedom of choice. Invoxia is the first device to offer a key solution which allows users to be in complete control of the professional phone and to install and manage it themselves due to the fact that the invoxia application interface is very user-friendly. In addition, invoxia is compatible with Skype and allows users to choose their VOIP operator in the simplest way.

The Smart Office phone, with its slick design, made in partnership with Elium Studio, is an unparalleled device for modern office environments which completely breaks the boundaries for professional telephony. For added fun, invoxia comes with a set of 3 smart holders (magnetic handset holders) that can be changed to suit your mood or style.

The product is available from priced at $599 excl. VAT (417 € excl. VAT). Invoxia is made for iPod touch (3rd & 4th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2 and iPad. High-res visuals available from

Features of the invoxia Smart Office Phone 
Matchless sound quality and performance
High-definition sound technology delivers acoustic comfort yet unparalleled in a conference call phone. The device reflects the subtle nuances of the speakers’ voice. This comfort is most perceptible in a conference setting, when the phone renders voices in spatial way all around the room. All of the speakers seem to be seated at the same table: conversations are easier to follow, less exacting, more focused on the essentials. The ability to distinguish sounds, to filter out background noise and concentrate what people are saying, even in motion, also helps to optimise listening comfort. Users can use the invoxia phone’s revolutionary inbuilt In Vivo Acoustic technology to listen to audio content from their IOS devices whenever they like.

Ultra-intuitive navigation 
The desktop phone’s operation is based on the iPhone (or iPad / iPod touch). Through its user-friendly, smart and intuitive invoxia application, the user moves in a familiar environment. Its unified interface brings together all contacts (mobile and office) and all incoming calls are received on the same device (iPhone or invoxia desktop phone). Landline/mobile convergence increases the productivity and ease of use of business communication tools.

Ease of use
The invoxia phone leverages all of the iPhone’s unique features, which cuts down on the need for multiple interfaces, such as screens or keyboards, while offering innovative and accessible services. In a time when office phones are becoming increasingly complex, this device goes against the flow and focuses on useful core features, such as call forwarding, conference mode or voice mail...

Automatic setup
The invoxia application - available free from Apple’s App Store - is designed to maximize user experience. It will reflect a constantly-changing selection of Voice over IP providers. When creating their invoxia settings, users will simply tap on their operator’s tab to obtain an automatic connection, as simply as with the email setup on Apple devices. Invoxia is compatible with any operator using SIP technology and of course integrates Skype.  

A smart object
The connected device can perform all software updates remotely. It’s an ever-changing appliance, not made obsolete by technology, but constantly improved and enriched with new services and applications. It is also a durable device that will change with the user as it follows the iPhone’s own evolutions.
Invoxia does its share in protecting the planet
Particular attention was given to energy usage throughout the design process. For instance, ARM processors were selected for their notoriously low power consumption. The use of noble materials such as stainless steel and glass encourages recycling. In standby mode with an Ethernet connection, the phone consumes nearly nothing. Product packaging also makes extensive use of recycled materials.

*VoIP: Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology which delivers voice communication and multimedia sessions over IP networks.

Technical specs
• In Vivo Acoustic Technology:
o 8 wide-bandwidth speakers,
o 8 digital microphones.
• Full duplex hands-free
• Background noise cancellation
• Wired handset with High-Definition sound
• Bluetooth® 2.1
• Incoming GSM call answer in hands-free mode or on the wired handset.
• Unified corporate/mobile phonebook
• 2 Ethernet Gigabit ports with built-in PoE
• 2 USB ports
• Support for the main wideband codecs 1-year guarantee

Designed by invoxia in Paris Assembled in China

Hands-free call pick-up and volume adjustment switches
Touch-sensitive “mute” key
Touch-sensitive voicemail key
On/Off switch Codecs Wideband
G.722, G.711a, G.711u
In Vivo Acoustic Technology
Full duplex hands-free with echo cancellation
Multiple-speaker conferencing mode with virtual placement of remote participants in the room.
Automatic local speaker localization and background noise cancellation
SIP Protocol
Wireless technologies
Bluetooth® 2.1
30-point connector or Bluetooth®.
Universal support for iPod touch (3rd & 4th generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
Power supply 
 PoE (Power over Ethernet) 802.3at or external power supply - 100-240V / 5V 5A
31x11.5x7cm (IP phone) 17.8x5.1x3.2cm (wired handset)
1.36 kg
Operating temperatures
0 °C – 40 °C
10% - 90%

Made for iPod touch 4th generation and iPod touch 3rd generation Made for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS Made for iPad 2 and iPad The invoxia phone is available from

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