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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Stream TV announces a manufacturing partner for Ultra-D 3D without glasses technology

May 15, 2012 [Philadelphia, PA] - Stream TV Networks, Inc. ( is proud to announce a manufacturing partnership with Unihan (Pegatron)Corporation for Stream TV’s 3D without glasses devices. The 3D without glasses devices will be equipped with Stream TV’s proprietary Ultra-DTM technology.

The most exciting part of the Ultra-D technology is that it can be ported to displays of almost any size without any noticeable loss in brightness or resolution. Stream TV’s initial manufacturing
partnership with Unihan (Pegatron)will be to assemble 42-inch 3D without glasses displays and accompanying Ultra-D SeecubeTM converter boxes that autoconvert 2D, 3D animation and stereoscopic 3D into 3D without glasses real-time. Other products in the partnership roadmap include tablets, smart phones, laptops, PCs, digital communicator and television sets of various sizes. Pegatron will be involved in helping to distribute Ultra-D devices worldwide.   Stream TV and Pegatron will also collaborate to create a worldwide 3D without glasses format based on the Ultra-D technology as a standard for their customers and content and broadcasting companies.

“Unihan (Pegatron)’s enormous manufacturing and R&D capabilities will allow us to accelerate the release of Ultra-D products to reach consumers in 2012," said Mathu Rajan, CEO of Stream TV Networks, Inc. “Ultra-D is the next generation 3D technology designed to replace 3D with glasses and win preference over 2D devices."
Ultra-D is the gold standard when it comes to 3D without glasses technology.  The new version of the devices gives a quality equal to the stereoscopic 3D but without the glasses. Ultra-D is the result of years of research and development in the field of optical delivery. The result is a state of the art display that allows the unassisted human eye to view live and recorded content in true 3D.
Ultra-D is a unique amalgam of hardware and software in perfect sync. It introduces a layer of lenses on dislay panels that directs light at an optimal angle to create a 3D image for the human eye.

Behind the scenes, a matrix of sophisticated algorithms scans incoming feed to decipher the different layers that may be used to extrude and generate depth. This depth may be either user defined or computer generated and packaged into the Ultra-D format. Autoconversion happens in microseconds keeping video latency indiscernible to the human eye. Stream TV and its partners who have seen this technology at work predict that Ultra-D will be the standard for 3D displays and content.

The Seecube will convert any kind of content to Ultra-D eliminating the need to wait for the content world to start delivering 3D specific content. The autoconverter converts 2D content as well as 3D stereo content to Ultra-D content. Compatible content includes regular cable and satellite feeds including both 2D and with glasses 3D, Blu-ray, gaming devices like Xbox® and PS3®, websites like YouTube®, Netflix®, Hulu®, Facebook® and even video calls through services like Skype®. All pictures and home videos are now available with exceptional rendition of the content to 3D without glasses. Seecube supports iOS®,  iPad®, iPhone® and Apple TV®, all of which can be connected to Seecube and all the content on iTunes® as well as apps from the Apple® app store will now be viewed in 3D without glasses.  3D without glasses adds a whole new dimension to the Apple ecosystem.

During the Computex show in Taiwan additional information and demonstration units will be available.

Additional partnerships and markets will be announced soon regarding Stream TV’s 3D without glasses devices using the Ultra-D technology.

About Stream TV Networks, Inc.
Stream TV Networks, Inc. Is a Philadelphia-based new media company founded in 2009 to enhance entertainment and communications experiences through superior quality devices with unlimited accessibility.  Through its brands and products, Stream TV Networks, Inc. intends to create a media landscape that supports on-demand access to content anytime and anywhere and nurture interactive user feedback, creative participation and community formation around media content.  The company’s mission is to redefine “new media” so that it reaches its true dynamic potential and real-time interactive relationship with the media consumer. For more information, please visit

About Pegatron
Founded in January 2008, Unihan (Pegatron)is a worldwide leader in electronic and computing dms (design and manufacturing service) with extensive experience in product development and vertically integrated capabilities. With equity of us$2.7 billion, Pegatron boasts a diversified product line, including motherboards, desktop pcs, notebooks, broadband, wireless systems, game consoles, networking equipment, set-top boxes, multimedia, LCD TVs, and more. Pegatron takes pride in its well-diversified product portfolio, unique designs, flexible manufacturing capabilities and reliable after-sale services.

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