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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

iPad 3 to have 4g and Double the Screen Resolution& Coming March 2!?

Image from willson electronics
According to an article posted on Wilson Electronics, maker of cell signal boosters and on PC the iPad 3 will be thin, light, bigger screen and have 4G
From both sites:
"Details about the iPad 3 are very thin yet pundits seem to have reached a consensus on a core set of improvements for the new tablet. A high-resolution Retina Display is hot-tipped for the iPad 3, doubling the current iPad's resolution to 2048-by-1536. While production has reportedly begun for the display, some argue the improved screen could make the iPad 3 slightly thicker -- though it would be unusual of Apple to launch a new product that’s thicker than the older version.""

Links to Wilson and PCWorld

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Sony Walkman B170

Feel the bass with new Walkman® B170

20 January 2012
Light, colourful MP3 player with quick-charge battery
    Walkman B170-color range
  • Pumping beats with Bass Boost button
  • Quick 3 minutes battery charge gives 90 minutes playback
  • Clip attaches Walkman® to belt or clothes
  • Easy drag and drop music transfers
  • Built-in USB connects Walkman® to PC, hi-fi or car stereo
Get ready to really feel the music with the colourful Walkman® B170 Series of MP3 players from Sony.

Weighing just 28g, new Walkman® B Series is small and light enough to take anywhere: but don’t be deceived by its tiny size. Press the Bass Boost button and you’ll be blown away by rich, pumping low-end. And to show where you’re coming from, there’s a colour-matched LED that pulses in time with the music.
When you’re in a hurry, 3 minutes charging time gives enough battery power for 90 minutes listening. Fully charged, Walkman® B Series lets you listen non-stop for 18 hours1 – plenty for the longest commute or an overnight break.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New TITAN 17 notewbook from MAINGEAR


Kenilworth, New Jersey – February 7, 2012 - MAINGEAR, an award-winning PC system builder offering custom desktops, notebooks, and workstations, has updated the TITAN 17 high performance desktop replacement solution with all new aesthetic features while still maintaining top of the line performance forPC gamers who want to harness desktop-like power wherever they go and creative professionals that can work on site with no loss in productivity.

The TITAN 17 features support for both the latest Intel® Core™ i7 3930K and the Core™ i7 3960X Extreme Edition. With fast, intelligent multi-core technology that accelerates performance to match your workload, it delivers an incredible breakthrough in gaming performance. For both gamers and demanding users, the Titan 17 capitalizes on a dramatic leap forward in processing technology to provide all the power you need for even the most advanced games and applications.